The hackers posted twelve abusive tweets from Rahul Gandhi’s account.

Twitter account restored Rahul Gandhi tweets love to beautiful haters
news Politics Thursday, December 01, 2016 - 15:47
Written by  IANS

A day after his Twitter account was hacked and expletives posted on it, Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi on Thursday tweeted to say he "loves all my haters and they are beautiful".

"To everyone of you haters out there: I love all of you. You're beautiful. Your hatred just doesn't let you see it yet," Rahul Gandhi said on his Twitter account @OfficeOfRG after it was restored.


On the other hand, the Congress said on its Twitter handle @INCIndia:"Hello everyone! We are back. The tweets in the morning lacked wit, evidently. Anyway, Mr Modi, back to people's questions, care to answer?"


In a span of 15 hours, Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi’s Twitter account was hacked twice, with hackers posting abusive messages on the account. The Twitter account of Indian National Congress too was hacked on Thursday morning, with a similar set of abusive messages. 

Among the various messages on the account, the hackers posted threats to the party that they would expose its secrets, and dared the party to take action against them. 

Rahul Gandhi’s Twitter account hacked again, INC account too breached 

One of the tweets posted said, “We are legion, do not f*** with us”. 

It also threatened to “dump” internal mails of the Congress.

On Wednesday evening, to the amusement and shock of Twitter users, almost twelve abusive tweets were posted from Rahul Gandhi’s account. 

As Rahul Gandhi’s social media managers tried to contain the problem and delete the tweets, more started appearing on his timeline. Abusive tweets were even pinned to his account one after the other. 

At one point his twitter account name was changed to Retarted Gandhi and his display picture was changed to a white screen. 

The Indian National Congress has lodged a complaint with the Cyber Cell of the Delhi police and a FIR was registered.