Sonia Gandhi also reached out to AP, and promised to give the state the Special Category Status if the Congress comes to power.

TRS failed Telangana Sonia Gandhi slams KCRs party at election rally
news Telangana 2018 Saturday, November 24, 2018 - 10:45

In her first public meeting in poll-bound Telangana on Friday, former Congress president Sonia Gandhi – who is revered as 'Telangana Thalli' (Telangana's mother) by Congress leaders – owned up to her 'Amma' stature. And using the mother sentiment, she asked the people of Telangana to bring her party back to power and also made an effort at reconciliation with the people of neighbouring Andhra Pradesh.

Addressing the gathering in Medchal, Hyderabad, Sonia Gandhi said that the Congress-led UPA decided to create a separate state of Telangana for the welfare of the people – despite knowing that they will face a setback if they do so. Recalling the Andhra Pradesh bifurcation, Sonia said, "I remember how much difficulty we faced during state bifurcation. It wasn't achieved easily. We knew that Congress would face a setback because of our decision, but we still took the decision for the welfare of Telangana."

The gathering had all the leaders from the People's Front coalition – P Kodandram from TJS, L Ramana from TDP, Chada Venkat Reddy from CPI. Even MRPS leader Manda Krishna Madiga and revolutionary singer Balladeer Gaddar participated in the event.

Without naming caretaker Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao, she said that the TRS had failed the hopes of Telangana.

"I ask how many promises were fulfilled by the TRS. Telangana struggle was based on the slogan of 'Neelu, Nidhulu, Niyamakalu' (water, revenue and employment). Did the TRS implement anything?" Sonia asked.

She said that the youth remained unemployed and the farmers were resorting to suicide in the state.

"Whenever I used to visit other states, I would proudly talk about the self-help women groups, but today the TRS has completely destroyed it," she said.

Hitting out at TRS, she said that the KCR led party didn't do anything for Dalits, Adivasis and marginalised communities. Attacking KCR, she said, “You can't trust a person who doesn't keep up their word."

Sonia also reached out to the people from Andhra in the process – she promised that they will live up to the Special Category Status promise made for Andhra Pradesh.

Followed by Sonia's speech, Congress party president Rahul Gandhi exuded confidence that the People's Front coalition will form the government.

Attacking KCR, he said, "One person ruled Telangana state for four and half years as per his whims and fancies. But the new government will be people-oriented. This government will work for the people, will provide employment and bring change."

Others present at the event included Vijaya Shanthi, Revanth Reddy, Jaipal Reddy, Karnataka Congress leader DK Shiva Kumar.

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