Voices Tuesday, June 10, 2014 - 05:30
By Lenzview, Travel Photographers like tourists have always been drawn to cities that offer them varied experiences. In the world of Travel photography, some of the best-admired pictures are on-the-go shots, clicked on instinct, but the critical aspect is the subject. Jodhpur and Jaisalmer, the historic cities of Rajasthan are a treasure trove for both tourist and photographers. Here are top four reasons love them for. 1. ARCHITECTURE Clockwise from Left : 1. Mehrangar Fort., Jodhpur 2. Golden Fort, Jaisalmer 3. Galleries in Mehrangar Fort, Jodhpur. 4. Jaisalmer Station. Perched on a cliff, as a small-planed establishment, Mehrangar Fort takes you to another era. Marvellously crafted stones, with exemplary design will make you wonder about the scale of the plan and it’s implementation on precisely cut red sand stones. The Golden Fort in Jaisalmer, preserves it’s old world charm in structures made up of yellow limestone. 2. PORTRAITS Left to Right : 1. Attendant, Palace on Wheels 2. An old man in his colourful turban. 3. A rural devotee in his self-made turban. If you are someone who loves to see a lot different people with distinct facial features then the two cities are your calling. For local traditional men, the headgear is a way to make a statement about their work and status. For foreign tourists, turbans are an essential part of their journey, a feature on their “to-do list”.  3. LANDSCAPES Left to Right : 1. Tourist couples enjoy camel ride at Sam 2. Tranquil sunset. One of the most enriching experiences is the view that the two cities offer to tourists. Long after, you left the place, the view and feel stays with you. While Jodhpur is dotted with indigo painted houses that look spectacular from Mehrangar Fort, Jaisalmer has it’s own charm in sparsely populated vast desert. Watching sunrise at the Akal Wood Fossil Park and the sun setting over sand dunes against backdrop of the sky in a particular hue is something you will cherish. 4. PEOPLE AND CULTURE Left to Right and Top to bottom : 1. A traditional flute player 2. A farmer with his bright turban and fancy ear pins. 3. A child after his family buys him a present. 4. A traditional dancer waiting for Palace on Wheels to arrive at Jaisalmer. The best thing about these cities is the vibrant culture that one experiences. While you can listen to musicians whose ancestors played for royals and listen to folk songs accompanied by some unique sounding instruments, you must once treat yourself with local dance and puppetry. The two cities are filled with hospitable people, something tourist and travellers always look forward to. If you want a mixture of history, tradition, culture and royalty in your travel itinerary Jodhpur and Jaisalmer should be your choice. Follow @L3nzVi3w
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