Some are in support of the move and some are against - and both are entertaining.

These hilarious memes on demonetisation show whats on the public mind
Flix Demonetisation Tuesday, November 15, 2016 - 18:25

Is demonetisation good for the economy in the long run or not? That's anyone's guess for now. But what we do know is that it's good for meme creators who've been very busy ever since November 8.

These imaginative people come up with funny takes on just about everything that happens in the country and sometimes, looking at a meme might give you more insight than reading a thousand word article on the subject!

Here's a collection of memes that tell you what's going on in the minds of the public.

If you can stand in the queue to get iPhones and Jio SIM, why not to cleanse your country of black money?

It is Jagamohan Reddy and his likes who will need a "condolence tour" now!

Bharat mata ki jai is old fashion. Bharat mata queue jai is more like it!

Some people are happy to make sacrifices for the "greater good".

 Bhakt who went to buy vegetables with Rs 2000 and bought vegetables for Rs 100. "Bharat mata ki jai."

Even if you may support the demonetisation move, ATMs running dry has been a common complaint.

 ATM securities: Money? Hahaha!

But when you do get some money, there's no end to that joy!

 What happens though when you are not able to use the 2000 rupee note?

Arun Jaitley: Initially, RBI had decided to issue notes of Rs 5000 and Rs 10000.

Nivin Pauly: Sir, will your father get change for them?
Spare a thought to the bank employees who've been working tirelessly these past few days. 

Ladies: Brother, what work do you do? Dhanush: I work in a bank. Ladies: Oh it hurts to even hear that!

This video that puts together scenes from various Malayalam films in the demonetisation context is hilarious even if politically incorrect!

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