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The News Minute | October 16, 2014 | 04.20 pm IST For too long and quite too often, gender stereotyping has been the order of the day. From generalisation on body sizes to strong views against promiscuity , there is always someone showing a disapproving eye on what a woman can and cannot do. Brazilian illustrator, Carol Rossetti, has come out with a series of powerful images asking women to rethink how they see themselves. Through her diverse images on women of different religions, ethnicity and ages, she has attempted to urge women not to change themselves for society or others.  In a translation of why she came up with the illustrations, Rossetti wrote in her website where more illustrations are available , "I always lived with a series of small daily restrictions on my body and that of so many women who are part of my life, and after a while it began to bother me. This control is so part of our culture that not always we realize how cruel it is and how much restricts our personal choices. But just not exclusively discuss the issues that affect a specific group of women. You also need to discuss racism, homophobia, biphobia, transphobia, elitism, xenophobia, oppression against people with disabilities. 's struggle for equality and respect is too broad and should be inclusive." Translated by me and Monica Odom. #leakedphotos pic.twitter.com/mrLqysLBGd — Carol Rossetti (@_carolrossetti_) September 9, 2014 Many people have appreciated the woman on her new take on feminism, without lashing out at the male gender. Can't help but feel that all of Carol Rosetti's messages should be obvious. Depressing how necessary her art seems to be. — Biggie Halls (@Loubmeupscotty) October 16, 2014 Carol Rosetti is the prime example of a feminist. She doesn't demoralise men and scream for equality. She tells women about confidence — Falan (@Falan_98) September 28, 2014
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