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The News Minute| February 25, 2015| 2.00 pm IST  A typical 'madrasi' thrives and survives on idli-dosa-sambar, wears a 'lungi', is likely to be a scientist or a goon who carries a machette 24x7, has names similar to Balachandra Subramaniam or Meenamma, responds to every question with an 'aiyyo' and speaks in a language only understood by 'his' people- the 'madarasi' language.  A madarasi is any one living in the five states in the southern most part of India, which is abundant in rice, garish silk textiles, and of course coconut.  A madarasi also does NOT exist- except for in stereotypes or in movies/other forms of art that reinforce them.  Forget the leaps in technology, specifically in social media, and that the world has become one globalised village where we are constantly transcending cultures. If anything, some seem to be as ignorant, about the people living in the south of India, as they were perhaps before.  Have you ever felt tired of explaining the difference between a Malayali from a Tamilian and a Kannadiga and a Telugu 'prajalu' to scores of the blissfully ignorant?  For those who don't know the difference, all of the above are just people who perhaps don't know or even like Hindi, make into the IITs all the time or eat a lot of curd rice. If you thought stereotyping south Indians is only stuff popular art and culture is made off, well, then take a look at these questions on Quora! Should South Indians learn Hindi? Why or why not? Why do some South Indians hate North Indians? Why are South Indians so studious? Have South Indians ever invaded other countries? How do the South Indians feel when their Prime Minister Modi gives a speech in Hindi, every time he gives one? Why are South Indians good at English? Why do South Indians always confuse Rahul Dravid as a South Indian when he is from Madhya Pradesh? And that's not all. Here are a few more 'bokwas' questions. We rest our case. Tweet Follow @thenewsminute Read: 'We are South of India, we are not a single state!' Read- How Arun a 'scientist from NASA' fooled the Indian media for two years
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