Adilabad SP M Sreenivas police, home guards, forest officials and local volunteers in a day-long clean-up effort.

Telanganas highest waterfall regains natural beauty thanks to Adilabad police
news Environment Wednesday, December 07, 2016 - 14:38

The Kuntala waterfall in Neredigonda mandal of Adilabad district, the highest waterfall in Telangana has long suffered from public apathy, as its natural beauty fell victim to the garbage menace. However, thanks to a Swacch Bharat initiative undertaken by Adilabad Superintendent of Police, Mitta Sreenivas, the waterfall is regaining its pristine state again.

“This place was serene and divine, but recently it became very dirty. Wrappers all around the place, plastic covers lying all around, had destroyed its beauty completely,” Srinivas told The News Minute.

On Tuesday, the 54th Home Guards Foundation Day, Srinivas, along with 220 police personnel and home guards, and 10 forest staff cleaned the place of discarded plastics and wrappers with the help of local villagers.

The event began with the SP taking a guard of honour under the Home Guard commander and flagging off a huge rally at Adilabad Town, 50km from the waterfall, on Tuesday morning.

“After the rally in the morning at around 10, we reached the waterfall. I thought it (cleaning the waterfall) would the best way to celebrate this day,” he added.

The people gathered picked up every piece of plastic and other material from the surrounding area in a cleaning operation that lasted till evening.

The area has been monitored by only two forest officials, who collect the entrance fee of Rs 120, but have failed to look after the area, said Srinivas.

Blaming the irresponsible behavior of the forest department for the condition of the waterfall, he asked, “What are they charging for if they can’t even keep the place clean?”

The clean-up team also installed around 20 garbage bins for the visitors to dispose of garbage and keep the area clean.

Srinivas praised the volunteers who aided the effort, adding that cleaning up such a large area would not have been possible without the contribution of others.


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