Hymavathi who contested as the Sarpanch could only secure 24 out of the 269 votes. She apparently paid each voter between Rs 500- 700.

Telangana man demands cashback after wife loses Panchayat polls
news Politics Tuesday, January 29, 2019 - 19:10

In a bizarre incident which took place in Telangana, the husband of a woman who lost in the recent Panchayat elections, went around the village demanding that poeple return the money that had been given to them as bribes before election. Bribing voters is an epidemic is most Indian elections and in the past few decades, more parties and candidates have started bribing voters at elections at all levels.

According to Eenadu, the incident took place in Jajireddy Gudem village in Suryapet district. In the second phase of the election held on January 25, Prabhakar's wife, Uppu Hymavathi who contested for the post of sarpanch got just 24 of the 269 votes in the village.  Reportedly, the couple paid each voter between Rs 500- 700, in return for the promise of a vote. However, as the villagers didn't elect Hymavathi, her husband went around the village demanding the voters to return the money. In many elections, it has been seen that voters take money and gifts from all parties that offer, though they can eventually vote for only one.

In the video, Prabhakar is seen quarelling with a villager, who had allegedly taken the money. The villager can be heard  refusing to give back the money saying that he doesn't have the cash with him right now. The person recording the video, in a clear effort to make Prabhakar confess, asks, “Where did you get the money from? Did you lend it to him?" Prabhakar retorts, "I didn't give the money to you. So you don't talk?"

Money back policy. A contestant who lost the sarpanch elections is demanding that voters return the amount he had distributed.

Posted by Ch Sushil Rao on Monday, January 28, 2019

Several villagers gather around to witness this bizzare incident and one women asks Prabhakar, "Is this voting or auctioning?"

After a tough negotiation, Prabhakar tells the villager that he is ready to fold his hands and plead him to return the money. The voter then says he will return the money. But according to the Eenadu report, many villagers didn't return the money, despite promising to do so.

The last phase of the Panchayat elections will be held on January 30.

Meanwhile in another instance of mini dynasty politics, a family of five were elected for various posts like Sarpanch, Upa Sarpanch and ward members in Telangana's Budampalli gram panchayat.

While Reddy Shanker was elected as the village Sarpanch, his mother, brother and his wife were elected as ward members.  His wife was made as Upa Sarpanch. Budampalli has eight wards.