Imagine sleeping on a mattress which has been endorsed as Certified Space Technology by NASA and the Space Foundation.

This technology protects astronauts in outer space now it is in your mattress
Friday, October 05, 2018 - 11:38


When we think of sleep, we think of it as a calm, restful activity in which our bodies cool down. And it is true. However, while we are sleeping, our brains and other vital organs are still working - sometimes quite actively. Which means, we generate heat even when we are not being physically active. And we sweat.

The average human sweats up to 250ml of fluids in a night, and this can go up to 650 ml depending on the person and the weather conditions. Your body’s internal temperature too may fluctuate, making you either feel too hot, or too cold.

Given Indian summers and humidity, this could be a concern. Uninterrupted, deep sleep is a goal many Indians are falling short of. A lot of us wake up feeling dehydrated, tired, not fully rested.

One way to tackle this is to have an air conditioner in the bedroom, but this still does not address the problem of one’s core temperature changing through the night. Each one of us have different needs when it comes to how cool a room is, and no two bodies have the same heat-needs. An AC therefore - set at a fixed temperature - will not be effective.

For each of trying in our own ways to tackle the issue, here is good news: a new, and unique mattress that uses Heat Absorption TechnologyTM.

What’s this all about?

Heat Absorption TechnologyTM uses space-age technology to give you cool, sweat free sleep. It makes the mattress cooler than what you sleep on now. These mattresses have been designed with something called Outlast ® PCM (Phase Change Materials), that sense micro temperature of the skin, and absorbs it and retains it in a thin membrane. As you cool down, PCM senses the change in temperature and releases some of the absorbed heat back, thereby maintaining a balanced, and comfortable temperature throughout the night.

This has multiple benefits for you, the sleeper. For one, you sweat much less. There is up to a 48% reduction in sweating. And your body is maintained at a comfortable core temperature throughout the night - no major fluctuations. Which means, better quality sleep. Uninterrupted deep sleep for eight hours.

Reduced sweating also means your mattress is more durable, last longer and retains its freshness for much longer.

The PCM technology - developed by Outlast - is Certified Space Technology by NASA and the Space Foundation. Outlast ® PCM is what space suits are made of, and protects astronauts in outer space from the extreme heat and cold of their environments. Outlast also licenses the technology to the Indian Army whose soldiers often have to serve in extreme weather and climate conditions.

In India, Duroflex is the only mattress brand to be given a license to use the PCM technology. In other words, with Duroflex Heat Absorption TechnologyTM, what you’re sleeping on is cutting-edge space technology.

You can check the product out here.