The MLA also seemed to dare the CM to take action against him, declaring that he was not afraid of anyone except god.

TDP MLA threatens violence if Muslim sentiments are hurt then claims comments were distortedFile photo
news Politics Tuesday, May 30, 2017 - 17:47

TDP MLA Jaleel Khan, who recently found social media notoriety with his claim that he had studied Physics as part of his BCom degree, is in the news again for his notorious comments. This time around, the MLA was caught on video threatening violence by members of the Muslim community if their sentiments were hurt.

In a video doing the rounds on social media, the MLA was seen to be accusing the Andhra Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu of ignoring the Muslim community in the state and warned of a direr state of affairs than during the Kapu agitation in the state.  

The Vijayawada West MLA, speaking to a gathering on May 26, said, “I warned Chandrababu Naidu that, ‘You (Naidu) were afraid when the Mudragada Padmanabam-led Kapu agitation led to one burnt train. But I don't know how many trains will get burnt if Muslim sentiments get hurt."

At the height of the Kapu agitation in February 2016, activists set fire to the Ratnachal Express in East Godavari district, angered at the delay in their demands for reservations for the community being fulfilled. Following the months-long agitation, the TDP government constituted the Manjunatha Commission to go into the issue. CM Naidu once again reasserted his promise of reservation for the Kapu community at the party’s recent Mahanadu event.

The MLA also seemed to dare the CM to take action against him, declaring that he was not afraid of any authorities except god.  

Speaking to members of the Muslim community, Khan also urged them to stand united and speak in a collective voice, as the situation was becoming “tough” for people of the community. Bizarrely, the video also shows Khan lambasting his supporters for not coming to see him on a regular basis. “You are shameless people because you don’t want to know whether I am dead or alive. I am a minority legislator and you don’t have the responsibility to come and see me at least once in a week.”

When TNM contacted the MLA, however, Khan denied making any of the comments, and alleged that the video had been distorted. He said "This social media is fake media. They are editing my videos and using only 'punch dialogues'.” However, he also added, “I said this years ago, why are you asking me about it now?”

Watch the video here:

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