Even the Aadhaar for cows finds its way into this political satire.

Tamil comedy channel satirizes NEET takes jibe at Hindutva and Hindi supremacy tooScreenshot/ Youtube
Social Politics Wednesday, May 10, 2017 - 13:57

Kerala took the NEET exam’s stringent anti-cheating rules to a controversial level, asking a female candidate in Kannur to allegedly take off her bra before writing the NEET exam, provoking outrage across the country. But long before this draconian application of security rules came into play, Tamil Nadu has taken many a vociferous dig at the national medical entrance exam.

Now, TempleMonkeys, a YouTube Tamil comedy channel, has come up with a satirical video on the absurdities of writing the NEET. In the guise of pillorying the security procedures for the exam, they've managed to weave together a number of issues – from caste politics (including a hilarious reference to Mani Ratnam's Kaatru Veliyidai) to Islamaphobia to Hindutva and Hindi supremacy. And oh, a reference to the Manusmriti's "progressive" views on women. 

Titled 'I don't NEET you', the video takes one through the twists and turns of the contemporary Indian political scene (the cow Aadhaar finds a mention, too), with jibes at various hypocrisies involved. And since it’s in contemporary India, you can't ignore Baahubali. So, one of the candidates keeps yelling about his kshatriya vamsam for no particular reason.

The script is rich in its subtext – "Where is your thread?" asks the professor to the student handing over a single answer sheet to him. "Only one sheet, Sir," the student replies. "Don't have the threada? Failu!" the professor says gleefully. Anyone keyed in to debates about discrimination against SC/ST students in educational institutions will understand what the "thread" stands for here. 

While the comments under the video are largely positive, some users have questioned the "Dravidian" ideology behind it. 


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