Reports suggest that the strike was taking a heavy toll on the financial condition of the drivers.

Talks with striking Ola Uber drivers in Hyd fail few drivers return to the streetsFile photo
news Protest Sunday, January 08, 2017 - 07:40

Talks between striking cab drivers, taxi aggregators and the government failed for the second consecutive day in Hyderabad.

The talks were scheduled to begin at 4pm on Saturday evening at the RTO office in the city, but did not reach any conclusion. 

According to reports, representatives of Ola and Uber did not even turn up for the meeting.

"On Friday , the government called various groups, including bus and auto drivers, who have absolutely nothing to do with this issue. As a result, we made no headway in the discussions. On Saturday, we finally hoped to reach a solution but even that did not happen as the officials of taxi aggregators did not turn up for the meeting. Now, once again we are back to square one," Anjaneyulu K, president, Telangana State Cabs Association told TOI.

Since December 30, a large number of cabs in Hyderabad have been off the streets.

The drivers have demanded that no new cabs be licensed until existing drivers are guaranteed a minimum of daily bookings.

"The managements should give us at least 12 guaranteed bookings during peak hours for the first five years of each cab,” the association said in an earlier statement.

The drivers have also sought protection from the company, when incidents of miscreants booking a cab, beating up the driver, and stealing the car occur.

On Wednesday, several cab drivers of Ola and Uber, were taken into custody from Indira Park's Dharna Chowk by the city police after they refused to end their indefinite fast.

However, after more than a week of being off the roads, a section of the cab drivers were being seen back on the streets.

Reports suggest that the strike was taking a heavy toll on the financial condition of the drivers, who had families to look after and dues to pay.