news Thursday, March 12, 2015 - 05:30
The News Minute | March 12, 2015 | 10.35 am IST A curious situation has developed in a Karnataka village over the construction of a water tank that allegedly got mixed up with the panchayat chief’s vaastu. People in Mikkeri village, Mandya district, claim that the panchayat president stalled the construction of a water tank for the village over “bad vaastu”. The man in question, Giri, denies the allegations as do other panchayat officials. The water tank of Mikkeri village was constructed on a plot of land belonging to Giri and his brother 35 years ago. Panchayat Development Officer Keshav Narayan says that the tank which had a capacity of storing 50,000 litres was demolished by the Panchayat Raj Engineering Department in May 2014 as it was old, and considered to be a public hazard.  A villager named Nagraj claims that since then, Giri has stalled the construction of a new water tank which could store one lakh litres of water, because the tank would somehow cause vaastu dosha (trouble brought on by wrong implementation of vaastu principles). The Vaastu Shastras are texts that prescribe appropriate architecture and construction.  Giri however, has denied that this was the case. He said that he became the president of the Mikkeri gram panchayat only in November and that he had no power to stall the construction of a project that was sanctioned by the Zilla Panchayat. He also denied Nagraj’s claims about “bad vaastu” due to the construction of the tank, and said that he and offered land to the panchayat 300 feet away from the site where the water tank had once stood.  In a video however, Giri can be heard saying that there was indeed a vaastu connection to the water tank, but not in the manner that Nagraj claims. Giri says that now that the tank had been demolished, he and his brother were no longer willing to let the panchayat continue to use the same spot of land for the tank, but would arrange for an alternative patch of land.  He says that the reason was that the plot of land would affect the relations he and his brother shared and that his brother would not be able to “adjust”. Therefore, he said, that he had already spoken to the PDO and that the construction would begin at the end of March.  PDO Keshav Murthy alleged that Nagraj merely wanted to create trouble, and the construction of the new tank was scheduled to begin at the end of March. Tweet Follow @thenewsminute
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