Swiggy revamps its delivery partner app to drive more earnings

The new features are aimed at increasing operational efficiencies and ease of use.
Swiggy revamps its delivery partner app to drive more earnings
Swiggy revamps its delivery partner app to drive more earnings
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Swiggy, India’s largest food ordering and delivery platform has rolled out a new app to help increase operational efficiencies and earnings for its delivery partners. The key highlights of the app include an intuitive and clutter free interface, local area heat maps and integrated navigation. Swiggy, the pioneer in building a dedicated fleet of delivery partners has in a short span of four years grown to 100+ cities, satiating the hunger pangs of millions of Indians each month. Over 1.25 lakh active delivery partners form the backbone of the company and are a vital cog in the brand’s meteoric rise to market leadership. For delivery partners, the app becomes a single point interface for their day to day operations and they want it to be smart, simple and informative such as understanding their daily earnings and incentives. Swiggy has been consistently working on-ground, talking to its delivery partners to identify gaps and develop an app which is intuitive and efficient. Understanding the pain points led to defining four key principles basis which the new user-friendly app has been launched.

1) Getting orders made easy:

Delivery partners want to maximise the number of orders delivered during peak hours. The new ‘heat map’ feature directs partners to locations in their vicinity with a high density of orders, enabling them to earn more. Heat maps are made possible by bringing together real-time demand mapping with data-backed prediction models to accurately pinpoint the closest location a delivery partner could head to and get his/her next order.

2) Earnings presented up front:

Delivery partners are shown their daily earnings upfront on the app’s home screen, while also giving them details on their total orders and incentives. In a bid to increase transparency, the Swiggy delivery partner app also shows delivery-wise status, earnings, time on the job, cash in hand etc.

It is just one scroll away, without having to go into elaborate menus in the app. All relevant information is presented in an easy and understandable manner.

3) Built for scale:

Patchy internet connectivity is an extremely painful experience for a delivery partner on the job. To counter this, Swiggy released an in-app map feature which reduces the need to switch between apps to get directions to any location. Apart from this, Swiggy keeps its app updates for delivery partners to a bare minimum, so that its partners are not forced to suddenly update their apps while on the job.

4) Big and bold visuals:

To ensure readability at any given point, from bright daylight to night time, a default dark-mode interface has been created. This makes reading important information on the screen effortless. A dark-mode interface not only works great in all types of ambient light conditions, but also reduces battery drain reducing dependence on portable power banks.

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