These memes tell you just how loud the teaser is!

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Flix Trolling Tuesday, November 08, 2016 - 12:33

The third film in Suriya's "Singam" series, "S3" is expected to hit the screens in December this year. The teaser for the film came out on Monday. While diehard fans of the actor are thrilled with how "mass" it is, not everyone is thrilled. 

The teaser has Suriya almost bursting a vein as he yells punch dialogues all over the place. The first two "Singam" films had their fair share of such lines but in "S3", he looks positively close to apoplexy. 

The teaser has garnered over 20 lakh views since its release on Monday evening.

As was only to be expected, the troll singams have sensed blood and are out in the open.

(I'm hungry enough to kill now!)
(You listened to Singam 3 teaser wth your headphones on, right? What happened to your ears?)

(I'm hungry enough to kill now, get everything and come!)

(From Part 1 to Part 3, he screams without any discrimination. Same blood!)

Do you know the answer to the puzzle?

Watch the teaser here:

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