Stink forces Virgin Australia flight to return to LA

Stink forces Virgin Australia flight to return to LA
Stink forces Virgin Australia flight to return to LA
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The Newsminute| November 4, 2014| 6.40 pm IST

A Virgin Australia flight headed to Christchurch from Los Angeles was forced to return to LA due to a water leakage in the cabin during the first few hours of the flight. The passengers were highly discomforted as liquid leaked out into the main cabin, filling it with a bad stench. The stench was so unbearable, that the passengers were even offered masks to avoid the stink, however to no avail.On arrival at LA, the passengers are still waiting for their recovery flight to Australia. They are currently waiting in the complementary accommodation provided by the airlines at the airport hotel. The airlines, on hearing the complaints, immediately went on record to say that the stink was caused due to the leaking of taps and not the sewage from the flight restrooms. They also confirmed that there was no security risk, but decided to return to LA, three hours into the flight, as the passengers were highly discomforted and that the water leakage needed to be fixed immediately.

The letter of apology sent to the passengers from Virgin Australia (Image courtesy:

A passenger who took to social media to comment on the situation also posted a letter of apology that Virgin Australia sent to her and the other passengers, offering to compensate them for their unfortunate experience with ‘free frequent flier miles’ that they could use on further travels with the airlines.

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