The fine information boards have been fixed at major junctions in Bengaluru.

Steeper fines for traffic violations in Bengaluru from July 20 Full details
news Traffic Violations Friday, July 05, 2019 - 09:29

Bengaluru residents will soon have to pay much steeper fines after the revised fines for traffic violations comes into effect from July 20 in the city. The new fines were announced at the end of June but they are yet to be implemented.

Bangalore Traffic Police (BTP) has begun installing several boards in areas with high traffic, displaying the new fines to alert passersby and commuters in the city.

The fine chart information boards have been fixed at major junctions. These boards will also alert the commuters about fatal and non-fatal accidents and also display the statistics of accidents in the last three years.

Here is the list of revised fines for traffic violations: 

Using mobile phones while driving
Old Fine: Rs 100
Revised fine: Rs 1,000

Parking in ‘no parking’ zone
Old fine: Rs 100
Revised fine: Rs 1,000 (Excluding towing charges)

Excessive speed
Old fine: Rs 300
Revised fine: Rs 1,000

Driving without insurance
Old fine: Rs 500
Revised fine: Rs 1,000

Driving without fitness certificate
Court fine: Rs 2,000 (first offence)
Rs 5,000 (second offence and subsequent offences)

Driving without registration
Court fine: Rs 5,000 (first offence)
Rs 10,000 (second offence and subsequent offences)

The traffic police officials stated that they want Bengaluru residents to be aware of the new fines before they are imposed. “Before we start imposing violators with the new fines, citizens should get to know the revised fines imposed for various traffic violations and it is our duty to bring it to their attention,” said Additional Commissioner of Police (traffic) P Harishekaran speaking to The New Indian Express.

The department will also conduct awareness sessions among auto rickshaws, bus, taxis, school bus and van drivers, two-wheeler riders and Resident Welfare Associations (RWA) in the city. Public meetings will also be held regarding the increase in fines, reported Times of India.