#SowSomeLove: Telangana bureaucrat's plantable wedding invites wins praise

IRTS officer Shashikanth's move was also appreciated by the Commissioner of Police, Cyberabad.
Cyberabad Commissioner along with officer Shashikanth
Cyberabad Commissioner along with officer Shashikanth
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In a laudable effort to be eco-friendly, Indian Railway Traffic Service (IRTS) officer Shashikanth Korravath has come up with 'plantable' invitation cards for his wedding. The cards have the hashtag #SowSomeLove along with instructions on how to do the planting.

Speaking about the card and the idea, Srikanth, Shashikanth's brother, said, “Both of us brothers have been nature lovers from a young age. We wanted to make the wedding as nature friendly as possible. While browsing online, we discovered these plantable wedding cards and found them very interesting.”

The family got their plantable wedding cards done by an online store based in Agra. According to the family, each card cost them around Rs.200. The envelope contains the seed of a flowering plant while the card inside contains the seed of a vegetable plant. The card after use should be torn into pieces and planted in fertile soil for best results.

The IRTS officer has impressed a lot of Telangana bureaucrats with this initiative and has received wide applause from them. VC Sajjanar, Commissioner of Police, Cyberabad, who received the wedding invite on Monday, said in a press release, “With this Initiative Shashikanth has become a role model to all bureaucrats and also an inspiration to all. I appeal to others to follow eco-friendly methods for everything they do to reduce pollution in the environment and safeguard the earth.”

Shashikanth is a native of Shadnagar in Telangana and is getting married on November 28, 2020. Apart from the wedding invite, the family is also going green by replacing plastic plates and glasses with wooden ones. According to the family, only a limited number of guests have been invited to maintain physical distancing at the wedding.

Earlier, in 2018, a Kerala MLA also used such plantable invitations for a wedding in the family

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