Soon, a Bollywood theme park in Dubai

Soon, a Bollywood theme park in Dubai
Soon, a Bollywood theme park in Dubai
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The News Minute| November 11, 2014| 1.00 pm IST 

Since the global economic crisis in 2008, Dubai has come a long way. Banking on its tourism, entertainment and land development sectors, it has emerged a strong economy with stocks doubling in value last year. A government owned company; Meeras Holdings recently went public by offering an IPO. Meeras is one of Dubai’s largest and most active real-estate developers.

Its theme park section, called Dubai Parks and Resorts owns some of the biggest theme parks in the city. It recently announced the development of a Bollywood theme park, to cater to the large Indian population as well as the Bollywood obsessed Arab population.

Spanning over 69 acres, the park is to have 16 rides and five main theme areas, namely – Bollywood Film Studios, Mumbai Chowk, Hall of Heroes, Regal Plaza and Rustic Ravine. Apart from the rides, the park will also host dance performances and character interactions. It will be akin to Disney World, only with Bollywood celebreties instead of cartoon characters. The park will include themed restaurants as well.

Bollywood stars Amir Khan, Shah Rukh Khan and the like have already endorsed the theme park, stating that it will be a step forward in strengthening Bollywood’s ties with one of its biggest fan bases.

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