Someone in Mysore is calling out to an alien army

He performs yaagas to stop the use of nuclear energy
Someone in Mysore is calling out to an alien army
Someone in Mysore is calling out to an alien army
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“Yes, I am the supremo (of the organization). Im Amitabha, only Amitabha (I don’t have a surname),” said the man who was been waging a quiet battle to stop the usage of nuclear energy across the world by means of letters and yaagas inviting a “Massive Alien Military Force to Earth”.

An Imgur user posted a photograph of a banner about a “Rajasuya Mahayaaga” inviting aliens to earth. The image has an assortment of images and photographs on it: fyling saucers, UFOs, a bird, a woman with a sceptre shown next to a lion, Sonia Gandhi, Amithabha himself. In a corner was a mobile phone number, which as it turns out belongs to the supremo himself.

The image uploaded on Imgur 

Speaking to The News Minute about the various elements in the poster, Amitabha said that his organization was a unit of the Maha Avatar Babaji Foundation in Mysore.

Explaining the activities he is involved in, Amitabha said: “Almost all countries have nuclear weapons today. Once you use a nuclear weapon, within a fraction of a second everything will be destroyed. It is not people who have problems. People in India, China, Pakistan are innocent. Their leaders have issues. They can settle these amicably.”

This was why he said, based on instructions from his guru, since 2007 he has been writing letters every month to countries which use nuclear technology, asking them to dismantle it.

“If they do not agree, then we tell them that we will force them to do it by creating problems,” he says. He says that in order to achieve this, he has been performing yaagas that his guru taught him annually since 2011. The last one was just completed a few days before ghe spoke to The News Minute.

The first one was carried out in Kargil with the support of the Indian Army, Amitabha claimed. He said that all yaagas are carried out in the “eight corners” of India’s borders. The poster accessed by The News Minute shows that one was being held on Minicoy Island of the Lakshadweep Islands.

Asked how he would “forcibly” make these countries go back from the brink of nuclear warfare, he said: “We give them a deadline. If they miss it, we create problems for them. We told (America) that we would create a financial crisis for them if they dint meet our deadline. They need money to fund these (nuclear programmes), but if we (create problems for them), how will they fund it?”

He referred to his guru several times in the conversation. When asked about him, Amitabha said that his guru Maha Avatar Babaji was an alien from another planet and that he had been carrying out his activities under the guru’s “guidance”. He also said that he and his friends had met his guru several times since they were children.

Amitabha said that hiss guru was from Jupiter and that he is 5,500 years old. Asked which language the guru spoke to him, Amitabha said without missing a beat: “Kannada”.

He said that that he and his friends had first met the guru when they were studying in a convent school in Mysore. He would have been in Class II, when his name was called Ara Amudam. “My guru gave me the name Amitabha, meaning eternal light,” he said.

“There were nine rishis – we call them rishis – from another planet. He told me to drink a tirtha (holy water). There was a woman with him and she chanted a mantra. He told me that after the age of 16 he would tell me what I was born to do. He taught me some meditation techniques and also told me what to do.”

After that, he says that he got involved in helping children get free education and several other activities.

Asked about what other people might say to his ideas about life from other planets, Amitabha said: “Why can’t there be life on other planets? We are here. It will be foolish to think that we are the only beings in the universe. In our shastras there is mention of rashasas, yakshas, gandharvas and other beings. There are so many galaxies and there are galactical governments, which our government has kept secret from us.”

When asked why his guru was so interested in keeping Earth safe from nuclear disasters, he said: “There is a chain link between all the planets. If there is explosion on one planet, all will be thrown into disarray. The whole solar system will end. They (my guru and his people) need to save themselves. That is how they find someone like me (to act as intermediary). It’s a simple... Live and let live.”

Update: A year after The News Minute first published this story, Amitabha continues to perform his yaagas all over the world. He has also sent messages from time to time, saying that he is off to one location or another for these rituals. In June, he had claimed that he was going to Iraq. 

(This story was first published on October 20, 2014. It has since been updated. However, Mysuru was called Mysore then, and this spelling has been retained.)

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