A sneak peek into the Xiaomi Mi6 Plus: 6 GB RAM and a 4500 mAh battery

The Mi6 and 6 Plus are likely to be released in April
A sneak peek into the Xiaomi Mi6 Plus: 6 GB RAM and a 4500 mAh battery
A sneak peek into the Xiaomi Mi6 Plus: 6 GB RAM and a 4500 mAh battery
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One of the interesting developments in the modern electronic era is that there is a huge community, largely online, which has grown quite popular. Millions around the world are hooked on to them to know what they are going to reveal next about a new phone or other gadgets or even video games under development. It is true that many a time some of the predictions appearing on these sites don’t come true, but by and large, they are right about the details and they even back them with screenshots or photographs. In fact, some analysts may claim that these details are deliberately leaked by the marketing teams in these technology companies to gain some buzz in the market.

Whatever the background, we now have some details of the yet to be released (likely this April) smartphone offerings from Xiaomi, the Mi6 and the Mi6 Plus.

Xiaomi has gone with the dictum ‘big is beautiful’

The Mi6 Plus, according to Phone Arena, will sport a large 5.7inch Full HD display with 1080x1920 resolution. Then, the RAM is going to be large at 6GB! Though the exact specification of the processor is not clear yet, the reports indicate that Xiaomi will be using the latest chip made by Snapdragon. Yet another feature to carry the ‘big’ tag will be the battery at 4500mAh. Xiaomi has been one of the phone batteries that has always offered a superior battery life. In terms of the cameras also, one can expect the Xiaomi Mi6 Plus to feature a dual camera system in the rear and the report predicts it would be the latest offering from Sony, the 12MP Sony IMX362. As far as the operating system is concerned, Xiaomi believes in adapting its own homegrown software riding over the appropriate version of the Android OS. So, in this case, one can find MIUI 8 with Android 7 or N.

The Mi6 will be the little brother

Along with the Xiaomi Mi6 Plus, the company is expected to launch a smaller 5.15-inch display variant - Mi6.  All the specifications of the Mi6 will be a step lower than what the Mi6 Plus will sport, except that the Full HD display resolution has been retained. The battery, too, will be lower and be of the non-removable type, rated at 3200 mAh. The RAM is likely to be 4GB; a 6GB version may also be offered according to this report. A 19MP camera will be the main shooter in the rear while an 8MP front camera is expected to adorn the front. In terms of the OS also, while the same MIUI 8 will be on offer, it would be riding on Android 6 or Marshmallow.  

Still some details, like the colours in which the phones will be released and the exact dimensions of the phones and their weights are still to be revealed. Also the most sought-after information, the price indications, are also absent so far. Remember, these details have appeared on Weibo the Chinese microblogging website and more information may be forthcoming in the days to come. Keep watching this space.

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