The actor tweeted that everyone would have to get their popcorn and drinks before the film because there would be no interval.

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Flix Kollywood Saturday, July 29, 2017 - 17:46

After the debacle of the highly anticipated Anbanavan Asaradhavan Adangadhavan which was Silambarasan's first film in triple roles, the actor had vowed to make a comeback.

The film was supposed to have two parts but the first one was a dud at the box-office and even steadfast Simbu fans were disappointed with it.

On Saturday, Simbu finally announced the next film that he'd be working on.

With a quote that translates to "If a bad man is spoilt/becomes worse, he will get the destiny of a king", Simbu tweeted "Fall seven times, stand up eight".

 Simbu has something of a persecution complex and has repeatedly claimed that people from the industry had conspired to put an end to his career. Insiders, however, allege that the actor often never turns up for shoots and is perpetually late. Gautam Menon had gone on record to state that while he found Simbu to be a very good actor, he had no sense of punctuality.

In his next tweet, Simbu said the film would have no songs and no interval, advising the audience to grab their popcorn and drinks before the film begins. The hashtag YSRMusical, however, is puzzling. What's a musical with no songs? We have no clue, but well, Yuvan Shakar Raja appears to be part of this "challenge".

The other hashtag suggests that Simbu will be partnering with his father, the irrepressible T Rajendar.

The film is expected to release in September 2017.

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