These statements came after Prashuram Waghmare, a former Sri Ram Sene member, was finally arrested by the Special Investigation Team.

Should PM Modi react if a dog dies in Ktaka Muthalik on Gauri Lankesh murderPramod Muthalik
news Controversy Monday, June 18, 2018 - 12:17

Sri Ram Sene, the right wing outfit which was behind the infamous 2009 Mangaluru pub attack is in the news again, thanks to its chief Pramod Muthalik. In fresh controversy stirred by the leader, Muthalik likened slain journalist Gauri Lankesh to a dog – a comparison which he later denied.

Speaking at a public meeting in Bengaluru, Muthalik first said that Sri Ram Sene had nothing to do with Gauri Lankesh’s murder.

“In Gauri Lankesh murder, from the beginning itself the investigators have been led astray. Two murders happened in Karnataka and two happened in Maharashtra during the Congress regime. No one is uttering a word over Congress government's failure. Instead, they are asking why PM Modi is silent and not commenting on Gauri Lankesh's murder. What is the relation between Modi and Gauri Lankesh murder? Should PM Modi react if a dog dies in Karnataka,” Muthalik said.

His words were followed by applause and loud cheers from the audience.

Watch the video here:

Muthalik later justified his statement too. He said that he was not directly comparing Gauri to a dog but merely saying that Prime Minister Modi could not react to each death that happened in Karnataka. 

Incidentally, these statements come shortly after Prashuram Waghmare, one of the six suspects in Gauri Lankesh’s murder, was finally arrested by the Special Investigation Team (SIT). Waghmare is a former member of the Sri Ram Sene.

A few days ago, a photo of Muthalik and Waghmare had also been shared widely on social media. Muthalik had said then that he did not know Waghmare and the latter had no association with the Sri Ram Sene as well.

Muthalik added that because he was known to be someone working to safeguard Hindu religion and culture, Waghmare could be just one of the many people who took photographs with him. 

Meanwhile the SIT investigating the Gauri Lankesh case has also summoned a Sri Ram Sene leader Rakesh Math for questioning.

Gauri Lankesh was shot outside her home on September 5 last year by bike borne assailants.

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