Shine Tom Chacko responds to man mocking him as ‘Mammuni fan’

The actor put on Facebook, screenshots of messages sent by a social media user, teasing him for changing his profile picture to the poster of Mammootty’s new film ‘MaduraRaja’.
Shine Tom Chacko responds to man mocking him as ‘Mammuni fan’
Shine Tom Chacko responds to man mocking him as ‘Mammuni fan’
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Actor Shine Tom Chacko, known for movies like Annayum Rasoolum and Ithihasa, has responded to a social media user who has sent some unkind messages to him on Facebook. Shine had changed his Facebook profile picture to a poster of Mammootty’s newly released movie MaduraRaja. A man, going by the name Abhilash Chander and apparently a fan of actor Mohanlal, messaged Shine to tease him about it, calling him a ‘Mammunni fan’, a label used to mock fans of actor Mammootty.

After a series of messages, Shine took screenshots and posted them on Facebook, writing that he loved Mohanlal and Mammotty and there was no need for him to prove it to anybody.  

“It is not now that I began admiring Mohanlal or loving his movies. That love is older than you,” Shine writes, addressing Abhilash as ‘dear friend’. He goes on to say that the love he has for Mammootty is also the love for the individual. “I have worked in more than one film with him. Anyone who has worked with Mammootty will tell you about that man’s love. I love that person and I respect him. No 100-crore club would be as big as that.”

In the screenshots shared by the actor, Abhilash Chander is seen as messaging him, “You are a Mammunni fan? Did you watch Lucifer (Mohanlal’s new film)? You can’t bear to see that it has entered the hundred crore club, Mammunni fan? Will your Mammunni be able to enter at least a 20 crore club in this life?”

Shine appears to brush it off at first as “are you not (mentally) well?” but then the Mohanlal fan’s messages kept coming.

Below Shine’s posts are comments coming from Mammootty fans, supporting Shine, while putting down Mohanlal. If that goes on, Shine may end up making another post to clarify that he meant he respects both Mohanlal and Mammootty, a point that appears to have been missed by fans of both the actors.

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