news Monday, June 29, 2015 - 05:30
    Prodigal archer Dolly Shivani entered the India Book of Records for the second time on Sunday as the first mixed re-curve archer of the country by performing with five archers for five different distances at the Volga Archery Academy in Vijayawada.   Shivani had earlier entered the same record book as India’s youngest archer on March 24, nine days before her third birthday. For her latest attempt, three year old Shivani participated for the 6,7,8,9 and 10 metre events respectively, scoring more points than set by the officials.   While each archer used eight arrows, Shivani totally used 40 arrows in total as she competed with five people.   Speaking to The News Minute, Cherukuri Satyanarayana, the owner of Volga Academy and Shivani's father says "It was like a mixed doubles event wherein two archers shoot one after the other and their total scores are calculated. I'm so proud that Shivani did so well."   Satyanarayana himself set a record along with 39 other archers from his academy belonging to various categories like Recurve and Compound, depending on the bow used.   "The event started with me shooting ten arrows and everyone, men, women and even the absolute beginners followed. It was the first time that such an event was happening and our target was 320 arrows in an hour but we managed to do 430 arrows in 29 minutes and 55 seconds," he added.   Satyanarayana is the father of late Indian coach and international archer Cherukuri Lenin, who was killed in a road accident soon after the 2010 Delhi Commonwealth Games. After Lenin's death, Satyanarayana and his wife Krishna Kumari decided to opt for surrogacy.    "We wished that our daughter would become an archer. By God's grace she does have the talent for it," Satyanarayana had earlier told TNM.   Satyanarayana took the help of a bow-maker in Poland and brought home 30 tiny carbide re-curve bows made of optic fibre.         "Shivani behaves like any other senior archer. Always in uniform while at practice, she carries her bow-stand and uses other accessories without anyone's help. She fixes the arrow to the string herself and shoots with so much concentration. She is really passionate about archery and she is even ambidextrous, equally at ease with both her hands," her coach added.   The family wants Shivani to represent the country in the Olympics in 2020, by which time she would be nine years old.