news Tuesday, May 19, 2015 - 05:30
Prime Minister Narendra Modi had not achieved anything concrete on the ground and was still selling dreams, according to a senior Opposition leader. "Modi had promised the countrymen to bring in 'Achhe Din' (good days), but has failed miserably, Janata Dal (United) president Sharad Yadav told IANS in an interview. Asked about the performance of the Modi government as it completes one year in office, Yadav said people are still wating for the projected dreams to come true. "In totality, no effective work has taken place on ground. I don't find even a single work done by this government which it can claim as it's achievement," Yadav said. As an Opposition leader, he is expected to criticise the government, but painting the government in all black is what Yadav does. "The issue is whether the government has some policy and programmes to fulfill or not. This government has no road map, no policy and no programme. Mere intention is not enough for the poor," he said. Yadav said,"what is the worth of intention if it is not backed by concrete policy and programmes. Results come only when policy and intent both combine."  The JDU leader, who is one of the architects in bringing together six opposition parties of what is loosely called the "Janata Parivar", said the government had promised to create two crores additional employment, a house for everyone and provide irrigation water everywhere. But none of these promises were fulfilled. He said that instead of talking of intent, the government should come out with a clear road map and spell out its policy prescription to remove proverty, create employment and provide succour to every farmer and poor person. On foreign front too Yadav was unrelenting."Modi is touring every now and than to foreign countries, but till date no major investment or FDI has taken place from the countries he toured," he said. What he has done through his trip, says Yadav, is to enhance the general knowledge of Indian voters about foreigh touristic and historical places. With IANS