The Shah Rukh Khan stories that won hearts: Chinmayi and others share moments

After Shah Rukh Khan’s visit to the Mumbai prison to meet his son Aryan Khan, many took to social media to express their love and solidarity for the Bollywood superstar.
Shah Rukh Khan waving to fans
Shah Rukh Khan waving to fans
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Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan and his family are fighting to secure bail for their eldest son Aryan Khan. A special NDPS (Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances) court in Mumbai rejected the 23-year-old's bail plea on Wednesday, October 20. After Aryan’s arrest on October 3, the Bollywood superstar was finally able to meet his son at the prison on Arthur Road in Mumbai on Thursday, October 21. The scenes that emerged after his visit — he stopped to greet a few fans with folded hands — tugged at the heartstrings of many people. That’s Shah Rukh Khan, many commented on social media.   

Since the visit, several hashtags and messages offering support, love and solidarity to SRK have been trending on Twitter. In fact, some celebrities and prominent personalities took to Twitter to share some of their SRK stories, where they reminisced how Shah Rukh Khan had won their hearts with his kindness on several occasions. 

"Years ago, when I sang ‘Titli’ in Chennai Express, a superstar tagged me and said I sounded like love. If I remember right, it was the first time an actor, anywhere had said anything nice about my singing. I remember laughing and crying at the same time,” singer Chinmayi recalled in a tweet. 

The singer added that her mother published a long tweet with a thank you note, after seeing Chinmayi so happy. When she met Shah Rukh Khan during the audio launch of Chennai Express, which also stars Deepika Padukone, Chinmanyi said that he had remembered her mother's tweet word-for-word, and asked her to convey his respects to her. While bidding goodbye after the event, Chinmayi said that Shah Rukh even insisted on speaking to Chinmayi's mother. "I thought he was joking but he wasn't. He took my phone, spoke to my mother for 15 minutes," she recalled.  

Chinmayi said that Shah Rukh Khan made her feel "like the most special being in the entire world." Several days later, when the Bollywood actor visited Chennai, he met the singer and her mother again.

"He took the effort to cut across a huge room with people waiting, found my mother and took her blessing by touching her feet," she tweeted, adding that she will never forget how Shah Rukh Khan made her and her mother feel. "He was such a breath of fresh air and I knew a Superstar like him could be this sincerely, genuinely nice. He did NOT have to be that nice. But he did," she wrote.

Adding that her brief meeting with him will forever remain etched in her memory, Chinmanyi prayed that the difficult time that his family is going through ends soon. "Whatever's going on, is beyond my comprehension but I do pray that the difficult times that his family is going through, passes," she wrote.

Others, too, shared their inspiring words about SRK. In a tweet, writer and director Munish Bharadwaj recalled his favourite SRK story that involved the director's niece.

“My niece was an AD (assistant director) on ‘Fan’ and they were shooing in London. One day after wrap up, Shah Rukh Khan invited all the assistants of all departments to his house for dinner. Only assistants. No seniors or Heads of departments," he wrote.

When all the assistants of all the departments (Direction, Camera, Sound, Costumes, Art Direction, Production) turned up for dinner at Shah Rukh Khan's house Mannat, the actor had chosen gifts for all of them. "Everyone got a book about their field of interest. My niece got a published screenplay of a film and a book on screenwriting. And all those books were personally signed by SRK. It remains the most prized possession of my niece till date," he tweeted.

Stories of how veteran actor Rekha described Shah Rukh Khan in 2017, when he was felicitated with the Yash Chopra Memorial Award, too, did the rounds. In the 2017 video, Rekha reportedly got emotional when speaking about the actor.

“Have you ever seen a soul? Felt it? A body burns a hundred times but still turns to ash. But a soul, when it burns, turns into a diamond,” she said. Stating that she felt Shah Rukh Khan's 'pure' and 'special' soul and that he shines like a diamond, the Rekha called him a beautiful human being and said that he made everyone smile. She also remembered a time when the both of them travelled for an award show together, when SRK gently woke her up from her sleep to show her the sunset. 

Journalist Mimansa Shekhar recalled how Shah Rukh Khan couldn't do an interview one time as he was running a high fever. However, upon being told that a few journalists were already waiting for him, the actor came to the place and apologised for keeping them waiting. "He also promised to talk, which he did a day later," the journalist said.  

Former journalist Shilpi Dubey Pathak shared a story about how she tripped and fell while crossing the stage when she went to report the first filmfare wards as an entertainment scribe in 2005. While the front row was filled with A listers, it was only Shah Rukh Khan who got up and gave her a helping hand. He also pulled her up and asked if she was okay, Shilpi recalls in her tweet. 

Film critic Namrata Joshi recalled how SRK gave her an interview at Taj Lands End in Mumbai. It was Eid that day and the film critic shook SRK's hands and wished him a happy Eid. She then recalled him moving to another table to give an interview, only to return to her and offer a spontaneous hug with the words, "You don't shake hands on Eid, you hug." 

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