Flix Thursday, April 16, 2015 - 05:30
Trolls worrying you? Do you spend sleepless nights worrying about how to deal with them? Do you wish they would stop? Then this website is for you! Trolls have become quite a problem on social media, predominantly targeting women. A collective called ‘Zero Trollerance’ claims that it can cure sexist trolls by a six-step self help guide. The website for the campaign, with the tagline “With my help even you can become a decent human being,” is filled with tongue-in-cheek humour and even has testimonials like “Thanks to Zero Trollerance, I learned how to tweet like a feminist.” and "Day one: shock. Day two: feeling lost and alone. So angry! Day six: reborn, and full of love. Thank you, Zero Trollerance!" According to the campaign’s website, there are six steps to ‘become a decent human being’ as designed by ‘Guru’ Adler King 1) Zero Denial This step talks about how the sexist troll should eliminate his denial instinct. This comes with acceptance of the fact that you are a sexist bigot. 2) Zero Internet This step involves the troll to move away from his keyboard and turn off all his internet access and go back out to reality. It may sound like a hard thing, but there is a reward. When you return, you can tweet using #beautifulAFKmoment and share your experiences with others on the program. 3) Zero Anger Did you know that the average adult human suffers around 20 frustrations on anyday? If  “aaaaaaaah uggggghh” is how you often feel, then this step is quite important 4) Zero Fear The best tool you can use to break the shackles of your sexism is Feminism 5) Zero Hate Some ground rules to help you behave nicely 6) Zero Troll Face your fears and soon become a reformed troll like the ones shown in the video. If you’re still not cured, please see a therapist. The campaign also find trolls with the help of automated twitter bots, dressed up like lifestyle coaches,  who scour twitter for a specific set of keywords, following which the trolls will be sent these ‘enlightening’ self help videos and ‘encouraging snippets.’ 557 I'm Coach trollcoachbob and I'm excited to teach you about being nice on the Internet! — Bobby Stevens (@trollcoachbob) April 3, 2015 mlkjue @forrestrunerrr Eat apples drink tea talk nonsense! http://t.co/zyfzqsSW7c — Troll Coach Sher (@trollcoachsher) April 14, 2015 sisi @HotNostrilsrFun Welcome to Step 2! Dont give up youre doing great now its time to Zero Internet http://t.co/T2V3cp658O #zerotroll — Troll Coach AshLo (@trollcoachashlo) April 15, 2015 So, if you are a troll and looking for rehab, you know where to go! Or you could start right now, right here. Here is the first step.       
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