This number which was launched by the BJP on January 2, 2020, has been widely shared by BJP leaders to tell people to show support for the CAA.

Sex free Netflix and data The bizarre promises for dialling BJPs CAA support helplinePTI/File photo
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Amidst a wave of protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act that show no signs of slowing out, the Union government has been attempting to drum up support for the Act — from reaching out to Bollywood stars, endorsing Jaggi Vasudev’s view, and the BJP even asked people to give a missed call to 8866288662.

This number which was launched by the party on January 2, 2020, has been widely shared by BJP leaders for support. People are supposed to give a missed call on the number and pledge support to CAA.

However, in what appears to be a bizarre trick to make the number go viral, many Twitter users made enticing offers and attached the same toll-free number.

Of course, it did not take long for this to descend to trying to pretend to sell sex and make women the bait, in an apparent effort to get more missed calls.

A cursory glance on Twitter shows that this number has been used with all sorts of things — people pretending to be a lonely woman looking for company, asking for dates, or simply, because they are bored. Each message concealed what the actual utility of the number was.

“Hey TweetHearts Save my number & Call me 8866288662,” one reads. 

“Too bored today, so ready to share my number with all my followers,” reads another.

The number was shared in all ways that exploited people’s worst weaknesses — call and play a quiz to win Rs 10 lakh, call for “guaranteed” employment opportunities, for company (call on the number, and drinks and food would be on the tweeter), and even the Rs 15 lakh that PM Modi had promised to deposit the bank accounts of citizens prior to his election in 2014. 

This was brought out in the open by multiple users, with one such user even being called out by Netflix, after the user tweeted that giving a missed call to the number would give one a free subscription.

Boomlive reported that they tried to get in touch with BJP IT Cell head Amit Malviya, but he cut the phone midway through the conversation.

This came out on the day the Hyderabad witnessed over a lakh in attendance in a protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act. Protests have been on every night at New Delhi’s Shaheen Bagh. Large turnouts have also been seen at Bengaluru, Kochi, Mumbai and other places.