Nakul plays an eccentric, aspiring actor who then becomes an ambulance driver and gets embroiled in a ‘big chain’ of events.

Sei review Watch if youd like to meet Tamil cinemas loosu paiyan
Flix Kollywood Friday, November 23, 2018 - 18:27

Tamil cinema has finally found its ‘loosu paiyan’. Is this a sarcastic take on the ‘loosu ponnu’ trend? Or did the director have a bigger - ‘a taste of one’s own medicine’ - plan in mind? We might never get to know that, but the bottom line is, we’ve seen the loosu paiyan and we hope this does not become a trend. Ever.

Director Raj Babu’s Sei starring Nakkul in the lead is a comedy-action-thriller. The film also stars Prakash Raj and Nasser with actor Aanchal Munjal making her Tamil debut.

Nakul plays an eccentric, aspiring actor who then becomes an ambulance driver and gets embroiled in a ‘big chain’ of events.

It can be quite exhausting to even recall the film’s storyline (which I shall for the sake of this review). The film’s first half makes no sense and quite literally only becomes engaging before the interval block.

While the hero is an aimless, quirky ‘loosu paiyan’ Aanchal’s character is an aspiring scriptwriter who either rips off of successful films or follows a real person to know what happens in their life to turn it into a story.

The film’s story begins with a fire accident at a mental asylum that claims the lives of several patients with intellectual disabilities. A minister who inaugurated this mental asylum is then blamed for this accident.

Soon it is revealed that the minister has been used as a scapegoat by a bigger gang and just before he goes to prove that he’s innocent, he’s killed too. Now where does our hero who does poster advertisements and borrows money from his girlfriend fit in? You’ll have to wait until the interval block for it all to make sense.

Nakul’s transformation in this film is quite deliberate, from being the ‘loosu paiyan’ to becoming the villain bashing hero. He is quite over-enthusiastic and overplays his character. Aanchal has nothing more to offer than a duet and a few scenes that require her presence.

The film’s music is not remarkable either and one wonders how much longer are we going to enjoy the sudden duets that happen in the middle of a desert or a barren plateau. The stunt sequences could’ve been done better given that this is an action flick.

Sei has too many unwanted twists and turns and does very little to pique your interest. 

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