Fact-check before you attack the superstar!

This ScoopWhoop post on Kabali is incorrect and thats not the only thing wrong with it
Flix Cinema Saturday, June 04, 2016 - 11:38

This time, you messed with the wrong set of people, ScoopWhoop. Rajinikanth fans are not just fans, we are air-conditioners who blast the heat out of the room when faced with it. (And if you can’t get that metaphor that’s because you just don’t get Rajini.)

All of us were happy getting our daily dose of the kind of hilarious millennial material put out by ScoopWhoop.


And we also liked your take on some current issues.

And then you wrote about Kabali. And everything that could possibly go wrong, went wrong.

The post is a sardonic rant about how the ‘new Kabali poster’ is racist, because it misspells actor Winston Chao’s name, and calls the Taiwanese star a “China Actor”. But it would have been great if ScoopWhoop had done some fact-checking before going off on the poster.

Looks like, nobody cared to check if the poster was real once it was spotted online. Or else, they would have caught what we're trying to say:

The poster is not even real. Well done, Scoopwhoop. *Slow claps*

We have checked with the producers of Kabali, and they have denied that this is an official poster, and could have been created by someone else.

Even so, we’re wondering if calling Winston Chao a “China Actor” is racism. Even a casual glance at the thousands of memes about bad posters and signboards in India would tell you that we have the talent for producing some truly amazing messes with signages in English. And likewise, this poster is bad English, an appalling ignorance of geography even, but definitely not racism.

That post was so wrong at so many levels, the highest of them being bad fact-checking. Truly shocking.

(Folks at SW, friendly fire from a lifelong Rajini fan!)

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are the personal opinions of the author, a lifelong fan of Rajini, who could not be restrained in his vehemence. The information, facts or opinions appearing in this article do not necessarily reflect the views of The News Minute.

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