Change the name or film won’t be allowed in theatres, warns the Kerala Hindu Aikya Vedi President.

Sasikala teacher wont let Mohanlals film be called Mahabharatham for a bizarre reason
news Politics Monday, May 22, 2017 - 18:58

In a bizarre analogy devoid of any facts, Kerala Hindu Aikya Vedi President KP Sasikala claimed that Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code is another version of the Bible. The leader, who happens to be a history teacher, made this claim to argue that the 2003 film based on Brown’s book did not, however, use the name ‘Bible’ in its title, and by that logic Malayalam film Mahabharatham, based on MT Vasudevan’s novel Randamoozham should also not be named after the Hindu epic.

The Da Vinci Code, is a mystery novel that traces alternative religious history, exploring the idea of whether Mary Magdalene was the partner of Jesus Christ. And incidentally, Dan Brown’s book was denounced by the Roman Catholic Church for its historical inaccuracies, with many Christian organisations boycotting the film when it released.   

She warned that if Mohanlal’s upcoming film did not change its name, the Kerala Hindu Aikya Vedi would not allow its screening.

Sasikala was speaking at an Aikyavedi meeting in Kunnamkulam.

“A big budget film is coming from Kerala named Mahabharatham. We are happy but the Hindus here have a condition - only a film which is close to the story of real Mahabharatham written by Vyasan should carry its name. No other movie can be named Mahabharatham. If the movie is based on Randamoozham let the name of the film also be named same. Veda Vyasan also has his rights,” Sasikala said.

She also warned that if the film is made, Hindus here will not allow its release.

 “Don’t think that Hindus can be insulted again. If these social leaders, writers, intellectuals and reformers think that a Hindu’s face is a toilet, then it is wrong. The Hindu community is not your waste box or toilet,” Sasikala said.

The film Mahabharatham, will see complete actor Mohanlal play the lead role of Bheema, with an estimated budget of Rs 1000 crore. The multi-lingual film, which is to be made in Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and English, will also be dubbed into major Indian and leading foreign languages. The film is expected to go on the floor in September 2018 and is scheduled for release in 2020.

Directed by VA Shrikumar Menon, Mahabharatham, will see Dr BR Shetty, UAE based billionaire businessman and philanthropist investing Rs 1000 crore (USD 150 million) for the project.


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