Robot kills man in 'Rise of the Machine' fashion
Robot kills man in 'Rise of the Machine' fashion

Robot kills man in 'Rise of the Machine' fashion

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If you thought "rise of the machines" was just a fictionalised concept made popular through cinema, here's reason to think again.

A worker at the Volkswagen plant near Kassel, Germany was recently killed by a robot when he was installing it along with a colleague, states a report by Fast FT

The robot struck the technician in the chest and he was pressed against a metal plate. He later succumbed to his injuries, FT's Frankfurt correspondent Chris Bryant reported. 

The report adds that robot-related fatalties are rare in western production plants since robots are kept inside safety cages to avoid direct contact with humans. But here the technician was inside the saftey cage, whereas his collaeague was standing outside it. Volkswagen said that the robot did not have any technical defects. 

In a separate robot-related instance, two robots got married in Tokyo last week. In what is being said to be the first-ever robot wedding, the robots- Frois and Yukirin- walked down the aisle and even cut a cake. The bride robot was wearing a wedding gown and the couple had robots for bridesmaids.

Watch the video here.  


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