RJ-singer Suchitra evicted from ‘Bigg Boss’ Tamil

RJ Suchi had entered the show as the second wild card contestant.
RJ Suchi and Kamal Haasan
RJ Suchi and Kamal Haasan
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On the 28th day of the reality show Bigg Boss Tamil season 4 hosted by Kamal Haasan, actor-singer-RJ Suchitra entered the show as the second wild card contestant. After being in the show for weeks, Suchithra was evicted. Seven contestants – Som Shekar, Rio Raj, Aari Arjuna, Samyuktha Karthik, Anitha Sampath, Balaji Murugadoss and Suchitra – were nominated for eviction in week 7. Aari and Rio were already saved in Saturday’s episode and Kamal announced that the rest would get saved from eviction on Sunday. And as soon as Kamal announced Suchitra’s name for eviction, she immediately rushed out of the house.

Interacting with Kamal outside the house, Suchitra expressed her opinions about the housemates. During this conversation, she shared precise observations about the contestants. She called Rio-Nisha-Archana fake, said she was disappointed with Samyuktha, praised Sanam-Anitha for their bravery, Aari for his honesty, and said Shivani was antagonistic.

Suchitra, who had been maintaining a low profile ever since the ‘Suchi Leaks’ controversy in 2017, recently made a comeback on radio to host the morning show ‘Hi Chennai’ on Radio Mirchi, which airs from 7 am to 12 noon, Monday through Saturday. Suchi has already had two stints with Radio Mirchi earlier.

The luxury budget task, to behave like human clocks which was a 45-hour task, kept the contestants busy the whole week. However, there was still opportunity for ruckus in the house. Monday began with eviction nomination. Aari nominated Bala while mentioning that his love for Shivani makes his game clouded. Bala maintained that it was a baseless statement. It frustrated Rio to listen to Bala speak ill of others. Rio-Bala reconciled later that night. Contestants sincerely performed the luxury task along with retro-cinema enactments, including Anitha’s astonishing impression of MR Radha, a playful dig at water shortage in urban areas. There were also fun tasks like mobilising through auto, walking/aging in reverse, selling snacks, besides all their household chores.

Archana-Samyuktha-Som won the luxury task with astounding precision. Gaby-Rio-Aari were appreciated for their best calculation of 3 hours with just a minute’s difference. They were rewarded with gifts. Bala-Ramya-Suchi didn’t sincerely complete their clock task. Contestants were worried whether Bala would cost them their luxury budget like last week. They rushed through it, becoming the least interesting performers. Bala-Suchi were selected to go to the resting room by housemates. Aajeedh, as the captain, voiced the decision. Bala demanded to know the reason for sending him there though he knew why. He still put up a tough fight and denied the accusation that he was being insincere towards his house chores. Bala-Suchi quarrelled inside the room. Bala yelled that his sanity has been tested. Suchi, wounded by Bala’s hurtful words, felt dejected that she had no friends inside. Bala criticised Aajeedh’s handling of affairs and for being less aggressive.

During the weekend special episode, Kamal addressed all these issues one by one to put them in perspective. He asked Balaji Murugadoss to follow the rules during the tasks. He also spoke about the mock fight that Archana and Nisha had during the task. Kamal lauded them for their creativity and said that there will come a time when people fight for water as the contestants did during the task.

Meanwhile, reports say that Suresh Chakravarthy, the star contestant of this season who was evicted earlier this month, will be making his entry again into the show as a wildcard contestant. If sources are anything to go by, Suresh is currently in quarantine and will make his entry once he completes the quarantine. It is reported that this time Suresh has the comeback chance as Bigg Boss had given another opportunity to Vanitha in the last season even after she was evicted.

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