He later apologised saying that he got carried away as he was a Donald Trump follower

RGVs new low Reacts to scathing review of Veerappan with tweets about journos looksFacebook
news Sunday, May 29, 2016 - 18:55

Bollywood director Ram Gopal Varma stooped to a new low when he posted a tweet commenting on Reuters’ film journalist Shilpa Jamkhandekar’s looks as she gave his film 'Veerappan' a scathing review.

Varma’s misogynistic tweet read, “So as per your review “Veerappan” the film is as beautiful as your face,” and was accompanied by Shilpa’s picture.

The tweet has since been taken down, but not before screenshots were taken and Varma was rapped for his sexist and shallow comment.

In other tweets RGV attempted to justify his jibe by saying that the reviewer had personally bitched against him rather than his film and he was just returning the favour.




However, while Shilpa’s review is indeed unrelenting in the sense that it takes apart the film, it is difficult to understand what part of the review Varma could have interpreted as a personal insult to him. Even the first line of the review, which says that Varma’s skills as a director have “plummeted drastically in the last few years,” makes a comment on Varma’s capacity as a director. Now, how this could constitute “beyond the film” is anyone’s guess.

Later, after deleting the controversial tweet due to the backlash he faced, Varma did muster an apology but not without mentioning how he was making a special case for Shilpa. These “apologetic” tweets were accompanied by Shilpa’s picture.



What’s more, his attempt at a light hearted apology fails miserably when he says that he got “carried away” by virtue of being a Donald Trump follower.



But he doesn’t stop there.



Now, how Trump’s xenophobia justifies Varma’s sexism will remain a mystery. However, after blaming Trump for his chauvinism, RGV said that he may not have had enough alcohol.


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