The film is plotted so badly that even the actors look vaguely confused about what they’re doing in it.

Review Masti Gudi is a film about saving tigers with really boring powerpoint presentationsScreenshot: Youtube
Flix Review Friday, May 12, 2017 - 19:04

Watching Masti Gudi, you have to wonder if producers and directors think that little about the intelligence of the Kannada film viewer. The film, which has been in the news for all the wrong reasons, has next to nothing that’s redeemable in it.

Following the Sandalwood formula from recent times, Masti Gudi also has a socially relevant slogan for a script – “Save the Tiger” in this case. Fleshing out the slogan is a ridiculously simplistic reading of ecological issues, complete with Powerpoint presentations by well-meaning bureaucrats and dastardly villains alike. And layered on that is a bizarre mix of spirituality and supernatural occurrences that just serves to drive the viewer into teary confusion.

Duniya Vijay plays a man of the forest who can’t stand to see tigers killed, and has to save them from strange dancing poachers and blingy evil smugglers who have most of the forest department in their pockets. Along the way, he also has a love affair that ends in honour killing, and another budding romance that never quite takes off.  

There’s not much to say for the acting. Most of the actors seem to carry the expression of vague bewilderment, like they’re not quite sure what they are doing in the film. Considering how the film is plotted and directed, that could be their most genuine expression.

Sadly, the actors who died during the shooting of the film, Anil and Uday, are turned into caricatures of villains.

The fight sequences follow the tried and tested formulae of Kannada cinema – gangs of villains lay feeble blows on our hero, while he fells them with a single punch. Along their way down, the baddies bounce around in slow motion like giant tennis balls.

The music is vaguely hummable, but doesn’t really stick beyond the closing credits.

All in all, Masti Gudi is a film best ignored unless you’re a die-hard Duniya Vijay fan. And maybe even then.

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