Road Redemption keeps the original idea of road racing and evading the police at the same time intact.

Remember Road Rash Successor of iconic 90s video game set to release in October
Atom Video games Saturday, September 30, 2017 - 17:23

It’s the ‘90s all over again!

Remember Road Rash? One of the most popular video games you might have played on your Windows 98 PC is set for a comeback, with richer graphics.

Pixel Dash Studios and EQ Games will count on nostalgia to win over gamers as they are set to release the game on October 4 across platforms — PlayStation 4, Wii U, OSX, Xbox One, Linux and Microsoft Windows. 

The makers of the game are set to release the new version of the game as Road Redemption, keeping the idea of road racing and evading police at the same time, but only more realistic.

“Driving a motorcycle at 100 mph while trying to hit someone with a pipe is dangerous, and death can come quickly. There are no extra lives nor continues,” the official website says.

The game also has a multiplayer mode.

"I would definitely describe it as a spiritual successor to Road Rash," Pixel Dash Studios co-founder Jason Tate said in an interview to Game Creator.

"We started the game as a Kickstarter project where we built it as 'we want to bring back Road Rash'. It's a kind of game that hasn't been around in a long time... so it's a motorcycle combat game where you drive around and beat people up. It's a whole lot of fun," he added.

Gamers can still dislodge other racers from their bikes. The trailer shows that the police in this game comes in cars, while in the original game police were also bike-borne. As per the trailer, in addition to the rod and chain, the racers are also equipped with guns. 

Unlike the original game which was pretty much an arcade game, this has a storyline, and works on a skill tree level. “Earn money by completing races, assassinations, robberies, and other challenges in your path. As you collect loot, you'll upgrade your character, your bike, and your weapons,” the website says. The original game was made by videogame giant Electronic Arts and was launched in 1990. In India, the game was popular over the next decade.

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