The series will chronicle the globe-trotting adventures of Jack and Mina as they get their parents out of problems with ingenious solutions.

Remember the kids who crashed dads BBC interview Theyre back with their own animated seriesScreenshots/YouTube
Social Video Monday, April 24, 2017 - 19:10

Remember Marion and James, the adorable children of Professor Robert Kelly, an expert in East Asian politics, who spectacularly gatecrashed their dad's interview on BBC

Here's a little reminder if you don't:

The kids became an internet sensation soon after, with the BBC even calling back the professor - this time with his entire family - to talk about what actually happened during the interview. (Turns out the kids walked in so happily because they thought Kelly was video calling their grandparents.)

And while GIFs and memes featuring the two children are still aplenty online, the pair have now inspired an animated series! It's called 'The Adventures of Mina and Jack' and it's adorable.

Check out the prologue here:

The prologue got the seal of approval from Kelly himself, who tweeted it saying that he looked "suitably dorky".

A product of Hans House Productions, the series is a brainchild of Lauren Martin and Jarryd Mandy, a Brooklyn based couple. While Lauren is a writer and producer, Jarryd is an app developer. 

After watching the original viral video of Marion and James, Lauren and Jarryd had initially thought of creating a children's book which portrayed the life of the family. But a few days of storyboarding later, the duo decided to go for animation. 

Five days later, the concept materialised into an animation prologue with the help of RAXO, the creative team.  

The animation series will chronicle the globe-trotting adventures of Jack and Mina as they get their dad (who features as a UN official) and mom out of various problems  with their ingenious solutions.