Former Finance Minister also spoke against the government's decision earlier on the day.

RBI changing rules like PM changes his clothes Rahul GandhiPTI/file photo
news Demonetisation Tuesday, December 20, 2016 - 17:31
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Taking on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi said, "Reserve Bank of India was changing rules like PM changes his clothes," on Tuesday.

"RBI is changing rules like the PM changes his clothes," Gandhi said on his official Twitter handle.


The RBI on Monday announced that deposits of demonetised Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes in excess of Rs 5,000 will now be allowed only once till December 30 -- that too after strict scrutiny.

This notification was the government's 59th communication in less than 50 days of demonetisation.


However, the decision was withdrawn later.

Another U-turn? Jaitley clarifies on Rs. 5000 rule: No questions if old notes deposited in one go

The Finance Minister said that any deposit of amount exceeding Rs 5000 of discontinued notes can be made without facing any scrutiny.

 "If they go and deposit with bank any amount of currency, no questions are going to be asked to them and therefore the 5000-rupee limit does not apply to them if they go and deposit it once," Jaitley told reporters on Monday night.

The RBI notification was issued earlier on Monday.

"But if they are going to go every day and deposit some currency, same person, that gives rise to suspicion that where is he acquiring this currency from. In that event a person may have something to worry about. Therefore, everyone is advised whatever old currency you have please go and deposit it now," Jaitley said.

Former Finance Minister P Chidambaram has also criticised the government's decision on demonetisation saying it will affect lives of the poor and middle class.

New RBI rule hits poor, middle class: P Chidambaram



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