These creative memes on the WannaCry ransomware virus will crack you up.

From Rasam soru to life without attachment trolls just wanna laugh at WannaCry
Social WannaCry Wednesday, May 17, 2017 - 19:18

It’s quite likely that on the day the world ends, there will be a troll somewhere making a meme about it. 

So, does it come as a surprise that meme-makers were lining up to take a dig at the chaos that the ransomware WannaCry has unleashed?

To be sure, WannaCry is a serious matter, with over 150 countries affected by the virus. But with its sudden eruption on the scene, the complicated methods for paying the ransom and the multiple, conflicting rumours spreading about it, there were always going to be some eager trolls and meme-makers ready to jump into the fray.

One of the most obvious asking-to-be-mocked points about WannaCry was the entire BitCoin method for paying the ransom of $300 for unlocking an infected computer. As this meme points out, it’s a bit rich suggesting BitCoin when targeting Windows users.

Others pointed out that even the basic idea of ransomware would probably get lost in translation.

(Vadivelu: Apparently my computer has Rasam soru and all my files will be locked. 
IT Employee: Moodevi, it's not rasam soru but ransomware)

And considering the IT sector crisis in the country, they asked, did it even make sense targeting Indian IT?

(You people who are smart enough to hack, shouldn’t you also know whose system to hack?)

(Hacker: You better pay $300 right now. 
IT Employee: Sir I am just an IT employee, please look at my pay slip.
Hacker: Oh no, brother no, please don't. Shall I put some money in your account for expenses?) 

Some people took the chance to make digs at some of our 'highly efficien't public sector services like IRCTC and SBI.

And if there’s a meme war going on, could we possibly leave Vijay Mallya out?

Don’t forget that no matter what’s going on, there are some Indians trying to manage some jugaad out of it.

(1: "Hello, ransomware speaking. we have encrypted the files in your computer. if you pay us 300 dollars, we shall decrypt it for you.
2: "One sec, let me call you in sometime." | Calls father: "Hello, father?" 

3: Son: "Father, We have to pay 500 dollars to ransomware to retrieve our data.")

Whenever there’s fear, there’s always a turn to the tried and tested methods of our sanskaari culture to ward away evil.

And all the great spiritual lessons we’ve learned come flooding back.

But don’t worry. In the end we Indians have superior technologies in place to protect us from WannaCry.

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