Features Wednesday, October 15, 2014 - 05:30
The News Minute | October 7, 2014 | 05:06 pm IST What all can you do with two fingers? A lot perhaps, depending upon your creativity and imagination. But one thing you surely can't do with two fingers is to detect rape. This is how The Ladies Finger magazine, through its The Ladies Two Finger campaign, is speaking against the two-finger test that is often used to examine rape victims in the country. The method's scientific validity itself is questioned and considered an unethical process. The test is often done to conclude whether the person is habituated to having sex or not. A detailed blog titled The Two-Finger Test Doesn’t Work? No One Told The Medical Colleges published on The Ladies Finger's website, discusses, among other aspects of the issue, why the two finger test needs to be get rid of and how young doctors and medical students are not really 'prepared to be more sensitive and more professional when they encounter a victim of sexual assault'. The blog states an incident where a girl from Madhya Pradesh was raped and the two-finger test was performed on her. The blog reads: 'Having conducted the two-finger test, they arrived at the conclusion that the teenager is habituated to sex. The translation: that she has had sexual intercourse before she’s ‘supposed to’, that is, before she was married. The test has a starring role in the special universe of Indian sexual assault investigation, because the general assumption is that a woman habituated to sex may also lie about rape.' Their campaign seems to be gaining visibility and support on the social media. A few Bangaloreans made an interesting video for The Ladies Two Finger Campaign displaying the various use two fingers can be put to. But all agree that one cannot prove rape with this method. This video was uploaded on YouTube by The Ladies Finger. This is another video uploaded on Youtube by The Ladies Finger.
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