Rajinikanth's Kabali distributor threatens suicide over alleged non payment of dues
Rajinikanth's Kabali distributor threatens suicide over alleged non payment of dues

Rajinikanth's Kabali distributor threatens suicide over alleged non payment of dues

Posters came up around Rajinikanth’s house that asked if the actor turned politician who wants to save the people would save his family.

GP Selvakumar, the distributor of the 2016 Rajinikanth starrer Kabali, in south Arcot and Puducherry, has alleged non payment of dues by producer Kalaipuli S Thanu.

The matter came to light after posters emerged near actor turned politician Rajinikanth’s house in Poes Garden. The black and white posters asked, “Will Rajinikanth, who has entered politics to save the people, save the family of GP Selvakumar, who has no way for his next meal and is on the streets with his family?”

The 2016 gangster drama Kabali, directed by Pa Ranjith, starring Rajinikanth and Radhika Apte in the lead role, was produced by Kalaipuli S Thanu. It went onto become a smashing hit according to industry insiders.

The posters

Speaking to media persons at the Chennai Press Club on Friday, a visibly upset GP Selvakumar said, “I was out of town when I got the information and saw the poster. I was very affected mentally. I ran back here(to Chennai). That I owe debts is true, it cannot be denied. But because I have not received money from where I should be getting it, for over 20 months I have been telling them(my lenders) that I will pay them today or tomorrow. ”

Denying any connection to the poster, Selvakumar suspected that his lenders may have plastered it on the walls, as they explicitly ask for Selvakumar to respond as well.

Selvakumar also said that he would meet Rajinikanth and explain the posters plastered around his house.

‘Please return my money, I will pay my debts and leave the town’

Selvakumar alleges that he invested Rs 5 crore for the film which went on to collect a net total of over Rs 4 million on its opening day.

Explaining his ordeal, Selvakumar said, “For 20 months I have had no work or income. I am sitting here after having pawned away my wife's thaali. Thanu sir had given me a lot of reassurances saying ‘you don't worry, I will give you the amount’. But debtors did not believe me. My godfather Kalaipuli S Thanu sir told me that there will be a solution to this after the business of selling the satellite rights(of the film) with a television network is concluded. But the lenders did not believe my word. I have explained my situation to Superstar Rajinikanth and my guru and godfather Thanu. They could have saved me before I came to this stage. Thanu sir did not save me. Debtors have pushed me to the point of putting a full stop to my life. Before they could end my life, I have come to feel that I should commit suicide.”

However, when asked about whether Selvakumar had been cheated by the Kabali producer, he maintained that he did not feel cheated by his ‘godfather and guru’ Kalaipuli S Thanu. “I won't say Thanu sir has cheated me. I will say the circumstance for his returning my money has not come,” he said.

Selvakumar explained that of the the Rs 5 crores he had spent, his loss was Rs 2,22,74,185. However all he wanted at this point was the Rs 1.5 crores that Thanu reportedly promised him. “I plead with folded hands to Thanu sir to please return my money. I will pay my lender's and leave the town,” he said.

In 2016, a distributor for Trichy and Thanjavur had made allegations over losses incurred by him on account of the film and Thanu had said that the distributor should approach the theatre owners.

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