news Thursday, April 16, 2015 - 05:30
Tujhe yaad na meri ayi (You never thought of me) He’s back. And while he hadn’t told many of us that he would be back, Congress leaders had been assuring us for the past 56 days that the party Vice President, Rahul Gandhi, would indeed return from a ‘sabbatical’. The Gandhi scion seems to be an enigma. While opinion columnists in newspapers advised him to being a “24x7 politician” during the 2014 Lok Sabha polls, he chose to give the Union Budget in 2015 a miss. Posters were put up in his constituency of Amethi questioning his whereabouts and even a reward was reportedly announced for those who could provide answers.  Adding to the mystery the Congress accused the BJP of snooping around when Shamsher Singh of the Delhi Police turned up at Rahul’s residence last month asking what he looked like. He was in reportedly in Bangkok by the way, if sources are to be believed. In his absence, party President Sonia Gandhi took up the cudgels and led party members to Manmohan Singh’s house in a show of solidarity when the former PM was summoned to the Supreme Court for the “Coal gate” scam. She had also been at the fore-front of fighting the land acquisition bill which was eventually passed in the Lok Sabha while Rahul was away. So, who has been missing Rahul really? 1.)     The media: Yes, we’ve been throwing up questions to Congress leaders asking if and when he would be back. On prime time debates some have even been indulging BJP spokespersons in mocking their Congress counterparts who seem relatively clueless. Interviews which need a comic punch at the end refer to him. “Nobody can believe that the government does not know where Rahul Gandhi is” asked Barkha Dutt with a twinkle in her eye towards the end of a recent interview with Finance Minister Arun Jaitley. 2.)    The Congress party: This may be disputed. While some Congress leaders have been saying ‘we miss him’, some believe that the party will be better off with Sonia Gandhi at the helm.  Senior Congress leader Digvijaya Singh, who seems to be the only one who knows his exact whereabouts, confirmed that Rahul would address a farmers rally on Sunday. No cakes outside his residence this time around though. 3.)    Trolls: They have missed him, undisputedly. The best memes on Facebook and wittiest one-liners on Twitter have probably been at the ready, waiting for the 44-year-old to emerge into public view again. Since, he’s back, they’ve taken off. The Beta Returns will be more entertaining than The Mummy Returns. #RahulReturns — Swaggercasm (@sagarcasm) April 16, 2015 BREAKING : Sonia Gandhi recharges the subscription of Pogo Channel. #RahulReturns — 0mar Abdullah (@abdullah_0mar) April 16, 2015 #rahulreturns is like naadaan parinda ghar aa gaya. — PRITAM SANGWAN (@sangwan_pritam) April 16, 2015 Congress: Rahul is back. Media: TRP is back. People of India: Entertainment is back. #rahulreturns — Jitendra Jain (@JitendraJain_) April 16, 2015 "He is the hero Twitter deserves and the one it needs right now. So we'll make jokes on him. Because he can take it...." #RahulReturns — Sumit. (@sirpunch_) April 16, 2015