"Let's respect animals and at the same time have fun," said the Oscar winner, as he sang Tamizha Tamizha for the people.

Rahman breaks his fast thanks Tamilians for their continuing efforts for jallikattuFacebook
news Jallikattu Friday, January 20, 2017 - 18:45

Oscar winning music director AR Rahman, who was fasting on Friday in protest of the jallikattu ban, broke his fast on Friday evening. He drank some juice to break the fast, along with his son Ameen and broadcast the moment live on Periscope.

Rahman also sang his famous song, Tamizha Tamizha, as a tribute to the tens of thousands of Tamilians out on the streets of the state to protest the ban against jallikattu. 

Drummer Sivamani and music director GV Prakash were with Rahman as he broke the fast at his mother's house. Sivamani carried coconut water for the Oscar winner.

Rahman thanked the people of Tamil Nadu for their movement for jallikattu and said, "Let's respect animals, and at the same time have fun."

At the time of writing, eight and a half thousand people watched the periscope feed. He had tweeted his decision to break his fast on Twitter.

The Mozart of Madras had announced on Thursday that he will observe a day-long fast in support of jallikattu. 

Rahman joined the members of the Nadigar Sangam - the South Indian Artistes Association - to express solidarity with people protesting against the ban on Jallikattu.

On Friday, the protests at Chennai’s Marina beach and other parts of Tamil Nadu went on spontaneously for the fourth day.

Meanwhile, the state government is promulgating an ordinance and once the President gives assent to the ordinance, the state government can go ahead and allow jallikattu.