Puneeth Rajkumar's death: Karnataka mulls new guidelines for gyms

The new guidelines are expected to provide training to instructors on how to perform first aid in case of heart-related emergencies, before they're admitted to a hospital.
Karnataka Health Minister K Sudhakar
Karnataka Health Minister K Sudhakar
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Following the death of popular Kannada actor Puneeth Rajkumar, Karnataka Health Minister K Sudhakar indicated that the Karnataka government was working to formulate a comprehensive guideline for gyms and fitness centers. Speaking to reporters, Sudhakar said that the guidelines will dictate what equipment would be present and also ensure that the instructors would be given training on how to perform first aid whenever such heart related emergencies arise

Following Puneeth’s death, it was speculated that his cardiac arrest was caused because of excessive exercise. “In the background of Puneeth Rajkumar’s death, many people have been asking me and expressing worries about whether or not to do (exercise at) gyms. Just seeing one or two incidents such as this and concluding that going to gym is bad is not correct. But, I'm having a proper summary made by renowned cardiologists, which will include all the information. A guideline for gyms and fitness centers in the state will consist of what all equipment will be there at the gym. Also, training has to be conducted to all the trainers on how to provide first aid when such emergencies occur, at least till they are admitted to the hospital,” Sudhakar said.

However, when media persons questioned Puneeth Rajkumar’s physician, Dr Ramana Rao, who Puneeth had visited just before being admitted to Vikram Hospital where he breathed his last, about whether exercise had anything to do with his death, Dr Ramana Rao disagreed. Dr Ramama Rao said that Puneeth had no history of any heart ailments or medication. He did say that excessive exercise could cause ruptures in the coronary artery but also said that it was not true in Puneeth’s case. According to Dr Ramana Rao, Puneeth had been exercising similarly from multiple decades and that day’s exercise was nothing out of the ordinary.

Meanwhile, Puneeth's family conducted 'Haalu-Tuppa' ceremony (offering of milk and ghee to grave) at Kanteerava Studio premises where his mortal remains were laid to rest on Tuesday. Though prohibition orders were in place, thousands of his fans surrounded the stadium premises and urged that they should be allowed inside to pay respects to their favourite star. Owing to the pressure, the entry was allowed. Raghavendra Rajkumar, Puneeth's elder brother said that his younger brother belonged to the masses and since the family’s rituals are done, they can visit his grave anytime.

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