She had been suffering from jaundice and undergoing treatment for two months.

Presumed dead and kept in mortuary freezer Kerala woman wakes up after an hour
news News Wednesday, September 06, 2017 - 15:47

In a bizarre incident, a woman suffering from jaundice and believed to be dead, was shifted to a mortuary and kept in a freezer for nearly an hour in Idukki, Kerala.

It was only around an hour later that she was removed from there and shifted to a hospital, after she was seen to be breathing and moving by some relatives.

Rathnam, 40, was undergoing treatment at a hospital in Madurai for the last two months, as her internal organs had got damaged due to severe jaundice.

Later, doctors asked her family to take her home as there was no use keeping her in hospital. Her family then brought her home in Vandanmed in an ambulance. On the way home though, relatives thought that Ratnam had died as she had no movement and they shifted her to a mortuary.

Later, some relatives who arrived for her last rites, noticed that she was breathing. The police were informed who reached the spot and shifted her to a private hospital in Kattappana.

As per the information from Kattappana police, Rathnam was shifted to the mortuary without any confirmation of death from the doctor.

“Relatives presumed that she was dead, but later some people came for her funeral noticed that she was moving and was breathing. That’s how she was shifted to hospital,” a source from the hospital said.

The hospital has however said that Rathnam might not eventually survive for a long time, as her internal organs have already stopped functioning.

“She might survive only for a few hours or a day, she has been suffering for jaundice for the last two months,” the hospital said.