PornHub wants to shoot in space, but is sex in space possible?

PornHub wants to shoot in space, but is sex in space possible?
PornHub wants to shoot in space, but is sex in space possible?
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In what could be one small pump by a man and a giant thrust for humankind, adult entertainment company PornHub is planning on shooting the first sex-tape in space. The world’s largest website for pornography has launched a campaign called Indiegogo for crowdfunding the idea which would cost $3.4 million. Business Insider says they made $10,000 on the very first day.

Now wait a minute, is it really possible to have sex in space?

Simple answer: Yes, but it's not going to be easy.

The main problem: Zero-gravity. It sums up a lot of problems faced by astronauts, from toothpaste floating off the brush to discarding poop.

Since there is no gravitational force around, an NBC report states that humans could face more than their fair share of problems.

Hotter and Wetter - Taking on the old-age-adage of “hot and sweaty” sex to a whole new level, being in space makes you perspire more. And in the absence of gravity, droplets of sweat will be seen floating around, not to mention other bodily fluids.

Not easy to stay in touch- An author who tried out kissing in zero-gravity says it’s a “struggle” to stay connected. Here is where you bid goodbye to the Kamasutra postures you try in your spare time.

Erection issues- There is low blood pressure in space due to microgravity. It’s a scary thought for men, as the erection of the male member is very dependent on the flow of blood to it.

Dealing with nausea- Being nauseous due to the absence of gravity is a very likely possibility yes, and it wouldn’t seem pretty if your partner had fallen prey to the puke.

Eva Lovia and Johnny Sins, the selected “sexonauts” for the historic project, expect the project to happen by the end of the next year.

And while not trying to put a spanner in their works, there seems to be hope.

NASA physician Jim Logan says, “Sex in zero-G is going to have to be more or less choreographed. Otherwise it's just going to be a wild flail.” And as any movie has a degree of choreography, we’d expect the good people at PornHub to look at that minute detail of production too, considering their well-thought-out budget.

So as we wait for Lovia and Sins to gather their millions and zoom off for their space “sexploration” as they put it, some of us can only keep calm. And wait.

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