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Addressing a gathering at Dhaka University on Sunday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi ended up stirring a hornet’s nest. In his speech, he touched on the question of terrorism but the manner in which he praised Bangladesh’s anti-terror efforts has made him the subject of Twitter users’ ire. A statement made by him on the Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina has attracted much criticism for its sexist undertones. Speaking in Hindi, Modi said of Bangladesh’s Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina: “Mujhe khushi ki baat hai, ki Bangladesh ki Pradhan Mantri ek mahila hone ke bavjood bhi, danke ki chot par keh rahi hai ki terrorism ke samay mein mera zero-tolerance hai.” (It is a matter of joy for me that despite being a woman, Bangladesh’s prime minister has maintained a policy of zero-tolerance for terror, despite being in the line of fire.) Video of iAWNi1FNp54 Forward to the 44:40 minute mark to see the PM's statement. Newspapers carried the English translation of the above quote, The Economic Times quoting the PM as saying “I am happy that Bangladesh Prime Minister, despite being a woman, has declared zero tolerance for terrorism.” The Prime Minister, who had been visiting the neighbouring country as part of an official two-day visit over the weekend has since come under much fire for the nature of the statement.   Modi has attracted criticism from several quarters for the connotations of his statement which has been called sexist and misogynistic. Twitter users woke up to the #DespiteBeingAWoman hashtag on the social networking platform, where people have been critical and sarcastic in equal measure. Some also took to Twitter to remind the PM that Bangladesh’s independence from Pakistan was at least in part, a result of the intervention of former PM, Indira Gandhi, also a woman.   How can you even say or think #despitebeingawoman when your own country had a great female PM way before most first world countries! Shame! — Amena (@Fashionopolis) June 8, 2015 Mother called me today, #DespiteBeingAWoman. — Shiv Aroor (@ShivAroor) June 8, 2015 M.R.S.Swaraj of BJP dances at Rajghat #DespiteBeingAWoman pic.twitter.com/JI7esaTrLE — Arun Mysore (@arunmsk) June 8, 2015 Hahaha-No #DespiteBeingAWoman for us-secretly we are all men-just carefully shave our moustaches off every morning:) https://t.co/RrD238QA16 — Twinkle Khanna (@mrsfunnybones) June 8, 2015 Good to see that casual sexism is alive and well in our country, starting from the top. — Sachin Kalbag (@SachinKalbag) June 7, 2015 #despitebeingawoman pic.twitter.com/vNmCzjz6Z0 — Gayatri Jayaraman (@Gayatri__J) June 8, 2015 The “Twitterati” also took to tweeting pictures of eminent women in various fields, taking pot-shots at the PM’s comment.   "#DespiteBeingAWoman" pic.twitter.com/JtGVFL58jD — Brumby(No MSG Found) (@brownbrumby) June 8, 2015  
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