Flix Sunday, May 17, 2015 - 05:30
It’s another day and another country for Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The PM is in Mongolia on Sunday and pictures of his visit are already all over social media on various platforms. Though sections of the online space had taken a playful dig at the PM’s pictures from his recently concluded visit to China, it would not be a deterrent. Even the selfie was out in full force. Here are some pictures from his visit from social media: 1.) The PM attended the Mini Nadaam festival in the local attire:   Image courtesy: @PMOIndia on Twitter 2.) Here is the PM letting one go from the bow, trying his hand at archery in the festival: Image Courtesy: @MEAIndia on Twitter 3.) PM Modi trying out the "morin khuur", not the only instrument he would play: Image Courtesy: @MEAIndia on Twitter 4.) The PM with Kanthaka, a gift from the Mongolian President: Image Courtesy: @narendramodi on Twitter 5. Its selfie time with President Elbegdorj: Image courtesy: @narendramodi on Twitter And after we saw his debut on the drums in Japan, the PM takes to the "Yoochin": Video of WE3IPlsNh00