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The News Minute | October 29, 2014 | 6:50 pm IST An instagram account has left a lot of people disturbed and shaken after it started posting pictures of a variety of dead animals ranging from rodents to dead cows and murdered peacocks. The Instagram account which goes by the name of “deadanimalskilled” was considered a joke until one German girl discovered the account and started out a campaign against the user, spamming all social media sites. For the last one year, the user has posted a photo everyday of a dead animal. Each photo is accompanied by a title that announces the day, followed by the word dead. Ex- (Monday. Dead). People considered the owner of the account as a psychopath in need of serious help. The account now has close to two thousand followers and all the comments are filled with abuse and hateful sentiments.  The account is filled with pictures of dead animals, birds and even insects. Deer, dog, cat, peacock, eagle... there are a range of photographs. Vice, the online website got to do an interview of the owner behind the account and though he wished to remain anonymous, the interview is quite a revealing one. The Instagram user told Vice that his girlfriend and family hates his account, his band has lost out on few concerts because of his account, but he will go on.  The link to the interview can be found here  Friday. A photo posted by Leroy Stevens (@deadanimalsikilled) on Sep 9, 2014 at 5:44am PDT